Our patient-centered approach makes us better

The Bioclear Clinic and Bioclear Learning Center are structured around the continual development and refinement of process and product. That is why all the tools and techniques and research of the Bioclear Method are patient-centered above all else. By focusing on your needs and your comfort, we learn how to be better dentists. And better dentists give you better results.

We understand that when you get into that chair, you start off feeling a bit uncomfortable. We want to make you more comfortable. We understand that when you get out of that chair, you want to be amazed. So everything we do is aimed at making you smile.

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What to expect during your first visit

At your first appointment in our office, we will take any necessary radiographs (x-rays) and an Oral Digital Scan of your entire mouth so you will see in detail what the doctor sees.

The doctor will then perform a comprehensive examination including an oral cancer screening, assessment of periodontal (gum tissue) health, occlusal (bite) analysis, photographs, and then a tooth-by-tooth analysis with the dental microscope.