A Microscope for Every Dentist

Magnification, Advanced Magnification, Extreme Magnification. What does that mean to a general dentist? To help explain lets explore the parallel continuum of magnification and computer processing power. However, because powers of magnification have a squared, not linear relationship to visual information, a seemingly small jump in magnification creates a level of visual information that will profoundly impact the potential for clinical accuracy

How Bioclear Can Work for You

If your smile has imperfections … Gaps, chips or discoloring that you hide when your picture’s snapped? It doesn’t have to. The Bioclear Method developed by Dr. David Clark can improve the shape, size and fit of your teeth. Bioclear is an innovative alternative to traditional dental crowns and porcelain veneers. It’s an ideal restorative option for perfecting smiles. By utilizing the Bioclear Method cosmetic dentists can repair a tooth or redesign a smile by encapsulating teeth in dental composite with little or no drilling. Said composite can then be injection molded around a decaying, worn or damaged tooth in patented ultra-thin clear shapes (The Bioclear Matrix) that slide easily between the teeth and between the tooth and gums. That means it won’t require the dentist to grind away some of your tooth the way getting porcelain crowns or veneers would’ve.