Kashana was willing to make the trip to Tacoma, Washington’s Bioclear Clinic, from out of state, because she was interested in how the Bioclear Method could be employed to conservatively treat her black triangle teeth, repair her broken lower teeth and restore her thinning, chipping, upper teeth. Her issues happen to us all. From attrition due to unstable tooth-to-tooth contact such as unconscious grinding and abrasion resulting from abrasive toothpastes and toothbrushes to erosion caused by eating acidic foods or drinking carbonated beverages—there are almost too many ways for the enamel coating your teeth to wear down. Untreated, worn-down teeth can lead to additional deterioration and problems including pain and even infection. Which is all in addition to the obvious cosmetic concerns.

Fortunately for Kashana, even though her smile had been negatively impacted by damage and tooth decay Dr. Clark was able to restore her smile using Bioclear. The Bioclear Method is a relatively inexpensive, alternative to the porcelain veneers other cosmetic dentists would have fitted by grinding away portions of Kashana’s already worn-down teeth. Using Bioclear Matrixes, Dr. Clark was able to injection mold, tooth-colored, dental composite around Kashana’s damaged teeth—preserving the remaining tooth structure while fully restoring her smile.

Don’t just take our word for it though, press play and see for yourself.