The Mother of All Black Triangles

"Sometimes a particular case comes along that appears, at first, to be overwhelming. The case described in this article fits that description. However, when this patient emailed my office and inquired about the possibility of flying across the country to have me treat him, I had fortunately done many cases involving hundreds of teeth using the matrix system that I developed to treat dentition afflicted with black triangles, albeit none of this magnitude. I felt absolutely confident that we could achieve a good outcome. The trick was to disassemble the case into bite-sized pieces. This case presents many excellent questions and the additional challenge of severe facial abrasions. I will first review the background of black triangles and of lower incisor complications, and then proceed with the presentation of the clinical procedures used to treat this particular patient."

Treating the Dreaded Black Triangle

This case presents many excellent questions and the additional challenge of severe facial abrasions. First Cosmetic Dentist Dr David Clark reviews the background of black triangle gaps between teeth and of lower incisor complications and then proceed with the presentation of the clinical procedures used to treat this particular patient.

Treating Severely Worn Lower Incisors

Older dental patients present unique challenges that require dentists to turn to innovative treatment solutions. Each patient treatment should be based on a multitude of factors. However, in the end, two simple questions should be posed to every patient who has reached the twilight of their life, defy the odds, and live on, and on, and on. First, do you think that you will live or could live another 5 or 10 years? Second, do want to outlast your teeth or would you like your teeth to outlast you?

The New Science of Strong Teeth

Most restorative dentists - here in Tacoma and elsewhere - have questioned themselves in regards to the way they prepare Class II restorations. I have certainly done so as my 57-carbide mowed through mostly healthy tooth structure, knowing that I was seriously weakening the tooth.

Microscopes for Esthetic Dentistry

One of America’s best-known architects, Frank Lloyd Wright, once said, “The physician can bury his mistakes, but the architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.” Recent dramatic changes in the practice of both restorative and cosmetic dentistry have placed us in a position that is now very similar to Wright’s architect. Dental patients now “grade” their dentists on the aesthetic quality of their results, and the bar goes ever higher.

Patient Centered Outcomes

Renowned cosmetic dentist Dr. David J. Clark, DDS, defines patient-centered outcomes vs process outcomes and promotes a more minimally invasive mindset in the profession that favors preservation and restoration of the natural tooth.

Michael’s Black Triangle Teeth

Michael is a Doctor who contacted our dental office in Tacoma, concerned about his smile, because of the black triangle-shaped gaps between his teeth. His situation was not unique. You see, roughly 30% of adults have open gingival embrasures commonly known as black triangles. These dark gaps between teeth can make a smile look older than it is and even lead to dental health problems because they can result in excessive plaque or food particle build up.  Fortunately for Michael, the Bioclear Method is a minimally invasive and cost effective composite bonding technique that’s an alternative to the porcelain veneers most cosmetic dentist would turn to in order to treat a case like his.  It’s ideally suited to closing black triangle gaps, improving the integrity of his gums and the appearance of his smile.

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it, you can press play and see for yourself.

Optimizing Gingival Esthetics

As patients become increasingly aware of the esthetic potential through cosmetic dentistry, there is an increasing demand for smile makeovers with porcelain. In our efforts to create beautiful smiles, we tend to focus on tooth color, shape, proportion and alignment as we are bombarded with restorative choices.

Microscopes & Zero-Defect Dentistry

Initially resisted by endodontists and mainstream dentists, there has been a recent surge of interest in microscope-enhanced dentistry. In endodontics, the microscope is becoming standard equipment. At a recent opinion leader’s forum, the question was posed: “Should microscopes be required for all endodontic treatment?” This incredible swing in endodontic opinion also is being felt in general dentistry.

Is Minimally Invasive Dentistry Better

Just the other day a company car belonging to a local dentist drove by. It was plastered with advertising from the office, heralding the merits of bleaching, lasers, and minimally invasive dentistry (MID). It was at that moment that I realized that it is high time for the profession to quantify, legitimize, and provide research on the noble but troublesome topic of MID. The term minimally invasive has been embraced by the medical community—hospitals and surgeons are now marketing a wide array of MI medical treatments.