Bioclear Injection Over-Molding versus traditional dental “Bonding” … “Bonding” sounds like a cheap way to fix a wrecked car fender. This has given dental composites a bad name. Online “Cosmetic Dentistry Experts”  tell consumers that bonding is inferior to porcelain veneers. Flawed systems, lack of training, and a dearth of proper composite engineering principles eventually cause teeth to look like poor asphalt patchwork. The Bioclear approach is not bonding. It is injection overmolding. Instead of just patching the tooth, the Bioclear Matrix and method allows the entire tooth to be overmolded with variable thickness composite. Properly done, the Bioclear matrix and method is superior to porcelain veneers for young post-ortho patients to complete injection overmold cases with undersized incisors.